500,000 reasons to reveal our 5 most popular mobile market research presentations

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on Monday March 31, 2014 @ 2:26

500,000 views on Slideshare! When we started putting free research reports on our channel we hardly imagined that a few years later half a million people would have viewed them.

It's such a nice milestone that we decided to reveal the most popular presentations we've published. They all have something in common - they're topical, timely, and controversial.

Here's to the next half a million!

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#1. Messenger Wars: How Facebook lost its lead - 205,978 views

Social messengers exploded in 2013 and our research in 5 countries (US, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, China) got tons of interest. Facebook buying WhatsApp for a mind boggling $19 billion pushed the interest even higher.

While it may sound like it's game over for competitors as Facebook + WhatsApp dominate the market the battle in some markets rages on. Alternatives like Line, WeChat, Kik etc. are also very different beasts, becoming more and more platforms for gaming, commerce and more while WhatsApp focuses on the core chat experience. We'll be watching this one closely.

#2. US & UK device satisfaction - 96,453 views

Stop the press! iPhone not the highest rated mobile? This can't be right?! That seemed to be the reaction of many journalists and readers when we published results of a device satisfaction survey carried out among 145,965 people in the US and UK.

#3. Young People's Consumer Confidence Index - 40,795 views

A rock solid belief in their country's improving economy gives young people in growth markets confidence in the better future. In fact, they are over 2 times as likely to have a positive outlook compared to young people in the US and the UK.

An interesting tidbit from this research that got a lot of attention in the media was that social media updates have cost a job to 1 out of 10 people among the 16-24 age group.

#4. Indonesia - the social media capital of the world - 36,286 views

Wrap your head around this - internet penetration in Indonesia is only 24% (62% of them go online using their mobile), and they have one of the slowest internet in the world BUT the South-East Asian country is #3 in the world in terms of Twitter activity, and has the 4th largest Facebook population.

The whole presentation is full of crazy data points like these.

#5. The mobile-only internet generation - 28,980 views

When I told Alistair Hill, our CEO, that his mobile-only generation report from almost 4 years ago was our 5th most popular presentation then the response was a surprised: "Wow! That is so out of date now!" :)

Take the numbers with a grain of salt as a lot has changed since December 2010 but if anything then the mobile-only or mobile-first group worldwide has only gotten bigger. Better and cheaper handsets, faster and more affordable data plans point at the future - in emerging and growth markets PCs are being leapfrogged and mobile is the new norm.

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