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Aug 2021
Successfully measuring In Game Advertising. How AdInMo helped Walk the Walk increase awareness of breast cancer.
Here at On Device Research, we are always exploring new and innovative opportunities to measure the latest campaigns. With the rise in campaigns within the gaming space, AdInMo (the InGamePlay brand advertising platform) and Walk the Walk charity provided us with the perfect opportunity to do just that.
Jun 2021
Out-of-Home is back!
Out of Home is back and with that in mind, we felt it would be a great opportunity to release our brand uplift norms across the sector. It’s great to see how outdoor campaigns are returning to help successfully build brands.
Team On Device
Jun 2021
A Day in the Life at On Device Research – By Jess Murray
This week’s blog post focuses on our very own Senior Research Executive Jess Murray to find out what her 9 – 6 life looks like (and what makes campaign research so intriguing).
May 2021
What consumers really think of the IDFA Prompt
Advertising research specialist, On Device Research, reveals key insights into consumer behaviour around the latest iOS 14.5 software release and response to the new IDFA tracking prompts. The research shows that consumer appetite for clicking ‘allow’ is potentially much higher than initially anticipated due to a perceived link with app usability outweighing concerns around privacy.
Sep 2020
Planning For Brand Effectiveness
Planning for Brand Effectiveness: On Device Research reveals the key drivers of campaign impact...
Mar 2020
Jan 2020
Facebook Advertising: Just as good as other digital ads.
See how social display ads perform in increasing awareness compared to digital display ads.
Oct 2019
Only 10% to 25% of digital campaigns are being measured for brand impact, but what about the rest?
There's hardly a marketer out there who isn't aware of Peter Field and Les Binet's golden 60:40 rule (the optimal spend split between brand and activation budgets). So why is it that the value of the top 75 brands in the UK declined last year, and why is it that effectiveness seems to be on a terminal decline?