Omnichannel Brand Impact

Omnichannel Brand Impact

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Long gone are the days where media was siloed into 4 or 5 sectors and each had its own individual measurement solution. Advertising opportunities are everywhere and as such, accurate measurement needs to be too. That’s where our Omnichannel brand impact product comes in. The perfect solution in supplying accuracy and accountability within a complex media world to help your brand truly understand the value and impact of each channel – whether that be digital, social, Out of Home, audio or Connected TV, we can distil and offer valuable insights for your brand.

So let us take the confusion out of omnichannel campaigns and offer some much needed simplicity in an ever-complex world. Speak to us today to find out how our Omnichannel Brand impact study can help take your campaigns to new heights.

Our consultative approach: actionable insights informing
                    future planning

Our consultative approach

We approach every client campaign uniquely, exploring individual objectives and identifying key ways to ensure a true reading of KPI’s can be delivered. Our consultative approach thereafter helps clients to extrapolate the insights from the data gathered which in turn forms actionable insights informing future planning.

On Device Research deliver increased campaign understanding that drives better results

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How does it work?

The key building blocks for our solution are our tracking technology, proprietary cleansing algorithm, survey platform technology and our fully opted in device ID panel.


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Connected TV

Step 1

We firstly embed our 1x1 pixel into the ad creative, collect a Device ID for in app or 1st party cookie for mobile and desktop. We then use GPS tracking to measure OOH exposure, IP address for audio and CTV and 3rd parties to measure social media and AR exposure.

Collect Device IDs in our exposure engine

Step 2

We then match ad exposure to consumers on our panel and understand exactly who has been exposed to what media channel.

Survey panelists 24-48 hours after exposure

Step 3

We serve those exposed to all media channels with our established brand impact survey that is consistent across all media.

Determine the brand impact

Step 4

Test and control surveys then isolate brand impact with results compared against the On Device Research norms database of 250+ studies.

We measure brand impact throughout the purchase funnel

What do we measure?

We measure brand impact throughout the purchase funnel: from awareness, to consideration to purchase intent

We also measure three key dimensions that speak to the power of digital: emotional engagement, message resonance, and consumer action

By applying campaign buy details to brand impact results we can also report on Cost Per Brand Uplift (CPBU), Cost Per Potential Purchaser (CPPP), Return on Brand Impact (ROBI), Total Potential Campaign Return (TPCR): applying a layer of bottom-line indicators to brand metric reporting.

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What outcomes can you expect?

Accountability: Deploy truly independent third-party verification to assess the impact of omnichannel ad spend and provide unbiased transparency & data you can trust.

Behavioural and Attitudinal: Cross-reference the often-overlooked brand impact of frequency with behavioural metrics relating to attention.

Accurate and timely: Superior data quality transformed into actionable insight, delivered days after the field work period ends, allowing for nimble decision-making.

Superior data quality transformed into actionable insight
The On Device Research Omnichannel Brand Impact product is a game changer in digital media measurement. The ability to measure multiple media strands through a single source and concise solution revolutionises how we ascertain accurate campaign effectiveness in an increasingly fragmented media landscape.

Selma Ali
Insights Director, EMEA


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