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On Device Research was established in 2009



Since our establishment back in 2009, we've always used technology to enable better research solutions. We continue to explore the latest technical developments to ensure we offer the most up to date methodologies.

On Device Research have delivered over 35 million surveys worldwide


Research surveys delivered

Since our inception, we’ve delivered over 35 million surveys worldwide. That’s a lot of data! This also allows us access to a robust benchmark database to help clients understand how they are performing against a wider category or industry.

Global reach: over 95 countries



Our reach has gone global and we now conduct studies across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

On Device Research deliver increased campaign understanding that drives better results

On Device Research deliver increased campaign understanding that drives better results.

But why is this important?

Well, the more insight you have on your advertising, the better chance it has to perform. And higher performing advertising leads to a higher performing brand.


Why On Device Research

Measure More Grow More

Measure More... Grow More

We are passionate about the truth in advertising. For us, it’s about gathering insights that make a real difference. Our consultative approach means your campaign analysis is more than just data. It’s about real vision that helps leverage client and brand success. We exist to ensure your ad budgets are delivering the best possible outputs, ALL of the time.

The media and advertising landscape is more fragmented than ever before. Which makes campaign research even more important. Whether your campaign uses more modern platforms such as digital or social or other traditional methods such as audio and outdoor, we have a wide array of research solutions that can help.

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quote mark Our motto here at On Device Research is simple. Measure more - grow more. We exist to help brands navigate the future through innovative technology, userbase and expertise. Our studies allow brands to understand the real truth about their advertising & the intelligence & insights we provide result in increased success for the industry and clients alike. So here's to more data, more insight and most importantly, more growth for your brand"
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Why On Device Research

"Working with On Device Research has helped us further demonstrate the intrinsic value of Smart TV data in an increasingly fragmented landscape. In 2020, we conducted a total of 20 studies which, on average, drove our prompted brand awareness by +10%. Their knowledge and expertise allowed us to delve deeper into each study’s findings and extract truly valuable insights which ultimately helped us continue to grow as a business."

Katie North-Fisher
Director of Corporate Communications
Samba TV