Behaviour Trap

Behaviour Trap


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We pride ourselves in managing a high-quality panel to deliver the most outstanding research.

Our panel is supported through our own Behaviour Trap market leading system which has proven to increase the quality of respondent data by 30 per cent in the UK and 40 per cent in the USA compared to the programmatic survey market average.

The Behaviour Trap system programmatically scores respondents’ quality by ingesting a range of different indicators which influence the quality of a respondent, such as survey taking behaviour, demographic profile, negative reconciliations from survey exchanges and biometric data.

The live system, which is updated in real time, automatically catches fraudulent respondents, limits the participation of overactive survey participants, and has the ability to respond to the evolving threat of bad actors.

So, you can trust in our panel to deliver nothing but the highest quality survey data, all of the time.


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