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Mobile market research news

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Over a third of global mobile media users follow the English Premier League, and it's even more popular in South Africa and some of the Arab states, than in the UK.


Those interested in researching the increasingly wealthy group of consumers in BRIC nations, do not always have the luxury of choice when it comes to choosing a research methodology. Traditional techniques can be costly, timely and sometimes not even possible, which is why the vast uptake of relatively cheap mobile devices and access to the mobile Internet, provides an interesting alternative for the research industry.


Mobile expert Werner Egipsy Souza, is a keen enthusiast when it comes to mobile technology and how it can improve the quality of life for people living in India. From his experiences Souza tells On Device Research about the impact the mobile device has already had on people lives in India.


Tips for conducting market research in India

Thursday October 11, 2012 @ 9:22

Senior Research Analyst Usman Shaik, talks to On Device Research about his perspective on conducting primary and secondary market research in his home territory India.


We’ve launched our young people’s consumer confidence index (YPCC) to help businesses understand what young people think about their current and future economic prospects, in developed and growth markets.


Mike Kirkham, the former CEO of TNS the global market research agency tells On Device Research why businesses looking to develop in emerging markets, should consider mobile as a research tool.


A recent BBC Radio 4 show “China’s New Iron Rice Bowl” is a fascinating view into the problems and challenges the new growing middle class and urban migrants have created for China. Here are the highlights…

iOS 6 leads to a decrease in device satisfaction among US iPhone users Slide1

Binu Zachariah an experienced market researcher from India gives his view on India’s economy and the rise of the new consumer. Zachariah also highlights why market researchers cannot adopt a universal market research approach in India and how multi-national corporations are triggering change in the market research process.


3 lessons from our table tennis session

Tuesday September 4, 2012 @ 12:53

While we love mobile market research it’s not the only thing we’re good at. Turns out three of us have ping pong tables at home while three more consider themselves "quite good" at it.

On Device Research pingpong battle

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