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Mobile market research news

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Would you give up your mobile for a year?

Tuesday July 24, 2012 @ 2:14

Over a third of the respondents we asked wouldn’t give up their mobile for a year, instead opting to give up sex, TV, eating out and drinking! 37% would not give up their mobile

The frustration expressed on social networking sites about O2’s recent technology problems highlights just how integral mobile phones have become to our lives. In emerging markets the impact of technology has been even more profound.

Money, cards and mobile phone

Visit us at the Insight Show at stand F115

Friday June 22, 2012 @ 3:26

We’re just about ready for the Insight Show at Marketing Week Live! If you’re attending stop by at stand F115 and say hello, we have lots of new and exciting stuff to tell you about including our new Omnibus Survey and soon to be released Youth Consumer Confidence Index in Growth Markets. Hopefully we'll see you there!

We recently shared with you our 8 best practice principles for creating a successful mobile survey, with some examples of how you need to adapt things such as incentives for the market you’re researching. The guide was based on our experiences and another company willing to share their knowledge of international research is Synovate (now IPSOS) in their Tips for Conducting Market Research in Emerging Markets white paper.

With an impressive 70% viewing mobile ads as a personal invitation from brands rather than an invasion, it opens up new opportunities for brand advertisers to engage with their consumers.


The state of the mobile web 2012

Thursday May 17, 2012 @ 9:07

When Opera Software wanted to understand trends in mobile-internet browsing, and the effect of the Opera mobile browser they turned to us, and together we surveyed over 34,000 users, in 22 countries, on four continents.

Opera mobile browser user, young man

53% of mobile users in India, Kenya, Indonesia, Ghana and Nigeria have used m-banking and payments. It’s clear that limited access to formal banks in these growth and emerging markets, along with a high penetration of mobile devices, encourages mobile finance activities.

M-pesa agent stall in Tanzania

In just over a year, we have delivered one million surveys across 53 countries. To mark the milestone, we’ve analysed our data and put together a mobile research bible, with best practice principles for creating a successful mobile survey.

Crowd in the night. One million surveys in 53 countries.

Recently we helped Outdoor Media Center to conduct detailed research to better understand 4 stages in the purchase journey. Although all media channels play an important role, outdoor is the most powerful driver of behaviour - especially in the buying phase.

With 5.9bn global mobile subscribers and an ever-increasing demand for web-enabled devices, the mobile has become a powerful advertising tool for brands. According to research by IAB mobile ad spend increased 157% in 2011 to a record £203.2m.

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