A Day in the Life of Research Manager Loredana Falzon

In this month's day in the life post, we speak with Loredana Falzon, Research Manager at On Device Research on what her average day looks like from morning alarm to lights out!

6am – 7am: My alarm goes off at 7am (or even 6am if I'm planning on heading to the office). How quickly I get out of bed largely depends on how bright and sunny it is outside!

First thing I do once I'm up is make myself my favourite lemon and honey tea to wake me up and have some breakfast. I might start the day practicing some yoga, but more often than not it's straight to my laptop after breakfast!

8.30am: My work day starts by going through any pending emails and messages from the previous day to firstly address those and start off the day with a clear inbox. Once that is ticked off the list, I check in on all the projects I'm managing to ensure all is running smoothly and then I move on to compiling my daily to-do list!

10am: Next up is catching up with some clients to align on current projects and discuss any new projects. This is usually done virtually but if we're at the office we might catch up over a coffee or tea!

12pm: It's noon and time to grab some light lunch. I usually make myself a quick wrap or a toastie if I'm at home or grab something from Caffè Nero along with a Chai latte if I'm at our Holborn office! If the sun is out, I put my favourite tunes on and head of to the local park for a quick walk!

2pm: First thing after lunch is a team meeting where we all discuss our work and plan for the upcoming week ahead.

3pm: Following that, I join a call with one of our clients presenting the findings of a recent campaign we measured.

4pm: All calls are now done for the day and for the rest of the afternoon I'm doing my favourite thing of getting my head into data, finding the story from the numbers and drawing up the report.

6pm: That's work done for the day! To finish off a busy day, I’m off to a class of restorative yoga which is the perfect way for me to unwind. For the rest of the evening, I cook some dinner with pasta often being a favourite go to! After dinner I relax on the couch with a glass of wine or a cosy hot chocolate and watch whichever series I'm hooked to - currently it's Dr. Who.

Away from work, I enjoy reading (especially a good psychological thriller!), going for walks and travelling the world! My favourite perk of working at ODR is our ability to have one-month working abroad, meaning every year I can spend a few weeks some place new or simply spend it working and enjoying the sunny summer days in my home country Malta!

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