A Day in the Life of Mark Griffiths - Commercial Director ANZ

In this month's post, we take a visit over to Sydney and meet our Commercial Director Mark Griffiths on what his average day looks like from morning coffee to lights out!


Most mornings with the clocks on winter mode, the birds and sun are usually waking us up at around 6am (thankfully daylight saving is coming soon). My exact routine depends on the day of week. I'm usually in the city three days a week and if it's the days we have the kids (Nico and Kaja) then the routine is a little different.


MOMO always greets you, wagging his tail and wants to play chase ball. Me and Nico will go and watch the Premier League or European football highlights whilst I'm making breakfast for the family and having the first coffee of the day. I'll then take the dog (furry reprobate MOMO) for a walk followed by heading to the station to get into the city.


I'm usually checking my emails on the way in for any updates from the UK team, especially in these early days when I have lots of queries and once I’m up to date, I'll then listen to any number of my fav podcasts, usually Liverpool FC, golf or boxing related.


I usually arrive at our 'We Work' offices in Barangaroo at 8.20am. I grab myself a desk and get ready for the day ahead.


My first meeting of the day is an in-person coffee at 10am over at Wild Sage. We chat through all the solutions On Device Research can offer and discuss potential client campaign opportunities.


Following this, I respond to some emails and send out some proposals, make a few calls and lock in some times with new prospects. It’s great to be back doing in person meetings.


I will follow-up and send the intro deck and any other supporting collateral as promised. I then have a few follow-up calls to make. Amazing how the gold old fashion phone call is still a great form of contact.


A client has just confirmed by email the details of their next study, so I put together the SOW contract for them to sign.


I have a client catch-up for lunch and we head to Zushi at Barangaroo which has a great outside setting and they do good value lunch specials too.


I’m back at my desk and need to put together a handover document and objectives form for one of our Research Directors which enables them to set-up the project and then organise the kick-off meeting which goes through objectives and questionnaire design.


I next have a call with the Singapore team as we are working on a few APAC clients.


I have a couple of proposals to put together and a couple email costings so work on them.


I jump in an Uber for a 4.30pm client introduction presentation over in Surry Hills.


I head to the station after and get home. At 5.45pm, I’m juggling the parent taxis service, which is a mix of picking the little boy up from football training and my partner picking our little girl up from gymnastics.


If it's a Monday, I have an International sales update call with the UK and our Head of Advertising Effectiveness Sarah Robson and our CEO Alistair.

Tuesday I will have a catch-up with Sarah, to pick her brains on solutions, methodology, costings etc.


Some days I'm on cooking duty. The kids love pasta, Mexican or BBQ. The choice depends on who has first dibs. Tonight its Nico so its Spag Bol.


By the time kids are fed and watered, done their reading and are both in bed, I will have an hour or so to watch a show before bed. We have just finished One Night and now currently watching Yellow Jackets.

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