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Mobile market research news

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Our CEO Alistair Hill has just returned from Myanmar and was surprised to see there are still places in the world that have not been touched by the mobile revolution.

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More than 85% of the global population has a mobile phone and these devices have a profound impact on people’s lives. The average US consumer is never more than three feet away from their mobile, with the average smartphone user checking their device 40 times a day according to Google..


One in ten young people have been rejected for a job because of their social media profile. These are the latest findings from our Young People’s Consumer Confidence (YPCC) Index, which is designed to help businesses understand what young people aged 16-34 think about their economic and employment prospects, in both developed and growth markets.


It is fantastic news that our client ITV has been selected for an AOP award in recognition of their ad sync research project. We were proud to work with ITV on the project and to help them understand the effectiveness of dual screening adverts on TV and in-app, during their flagship live entertainment show X Factor.


Researchers at IBM, using movement data collected from millions of mobile phone users in Ivory Coast in West Africa, have developed a new model for optimising an urban transportation system.


We are delighted to have worked with the outdoor advertiser JCDecaux to help them build their mobile Connected Youth panel. This new mobile community of 1000 urban mobile-connected 15-24s gives JCDecaux access to their opinions, habits and lifestyle choices via a device that's relevant to young people and which ensures learning’s are new, interesting and up to date.


Post PC era in the US

Wednesday May 1, 2013 @ 9:38

The bite mobile is taking out of desktop Internet use keeps getting bigger. In the US, 67% of mobile Internet users said they mostly or only used mobile, as opposed to the desktop, to go online and surf the web.


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As we are particularly interested in mobile usage in Africa and the way it has transformed people’s lives, we have conducted a short mobile survey focusing on mobile Internet usage in Kenya. The results showed that for 20% of Kenyan mobile users, the mobile phone is the only possible way for them to access the Internet. This increases to 25% for those living in rural areas.


In our latest mobile research poll we asked a series of questions about what British people thought about Europe and the crisis it faces.


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