For many living in rural Kenya mobile is the only way for them to access the Internet

on Tuesday April 23, 2013 @ 9:58

As we are particularly interested in mobile usage in Africa  and the way it has transformed people’s lives, we have conducted a short mobile survey focusing on mobile Internet usage in Kenya.


Mobile only Internet users:

The results showed that for 20% of Kenyan mobile users, the mobile phone is the only possible way for them to access the Internet. This increases to 25% for those living in rural areas.

Heavy Internet Users:

They are heavy Internet users with 42% of Kenyan mobile consumers using the Internet everyday, increasing to 56% for those aged 25-34.

They use their mobile phone to access the Internet because it is convenient and cheaper:

  • 55% use mobile Internet as it’s convenient when they are away from their computer
  • 51% it’s cheaper than using a computer
  • 24% it’s easier than using a computer

People still use their villages electricity supply to charge their mobile phone:

Whilst using electricity in the home (79%) is the most common way to charge their mobile phone, 15% use their villages electricity supply, which increases to 26% for those living in rural areas and 7% use a car battery.  

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