Emerging markets research

How can you research trends and opinions in emerging markets?

By going mobile.

Researching an emerging market can be challenging and costly, but mobile research is fast, effective and affordable.

Accessing the internet through mobile phones is the preferred method of connecting to the web in emerging markets, giving you a direct route to the opinions of consumers.

Emerging Markets research

Benefits of mobile research

Mobile research offers clear benefits for organisations that need to uncover the opinions of people in emerging markets, including:

  • Access to previously unconnected people (59% of mobile internet users in India don’t use the desktop internet)
  • Targeted mobile survey respondents can be recruited by specific web enabled mobile device or mobile operator, providing new possibilities for recruiting specific groups
  • Tapping into ‘In the moment’ responses captures emotion at the moment of exposure to marketing

Surveys are fast to deploy, fast to return data


Our emerging markets research is adaptable to your needs. Our research respondents are created using our network of mobile publishers and can be deployed in any country.

We have existing respondents in:

  • All countries in Africa with large panels in Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya and South Africa
  • All countries in Asia with large panels in China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand
  • Russia
  • Middle East
  • Brazil
  • Also developed countries such as; US, UK, Continental Europe
Survey respondents can be targeted by:
  • Demographics (age, gender and income)
  • Life stage
  • Product and brand usage
  • Individual mobile device, manufacturer and operating system (iOS, Android, Symbian)
  • Mobile Operator
  • Time of day and day of week and location
  • Regions within large emerging markets