Video-on-demand is now the leading way to watch movies in the UK

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on Monday February 24, 2014 @ 2:48

Video-on-demand has slowly but surely become the most popular way for UK audiences to enjoy movies. 39% of smartphone owners have used services like Netflix, Lovefilm and others during the last week to enjoy a movie.

This is almost twice as many people as those who went to the cinema (22%) or bought a DVD/Blu-ray (19%) during the last week.

UK research: movies vs video-on-demand vs movies on DVD/Blu-ray

It's hard for cinemas and DVDs/Blu-rays to compete with the convenience and affordability of video-on-demand services. Blockbusters like Hunger Games and Mission Impossible + thousands more are available on Netflix for £5.99/month but costs £5 to £15 per movie on Amazon.

Older people get their movies from regular TV?

Video-on-demand is especially popular among the younger audience but even in the 45+ age group it's the dominant way to access movies.

UK research: how movie watching habits differ by age groups

Nearly half of the people who are 45 years of older don't go to the cinema, or use video-on-demand, 40% don't buy movies on DVD or Blu-ray. Our hypothesis is that older age groups are more likely to get their movies from regular TV or focus more on TV series and non-movie content.

In the younger group only about 20% said they don't use any of these methods to watch movies.

When was the last time you bought a movie on a DVD?

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