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on Friday November 22, 2013 @ 4:40

As a mobile market research company, we like to keep updated about the latest innovations and trends within our industry. As well as writing for our own blog, we also love to read other market research blogs - they’re great for catching up on the wider market research industry, as well as gaining insight into other companies' (and individuals') perspectives.

Therefore, we decided to do all the hard work for you and have compiled a list of our favourite of some of the best market research blogs!

GreenBook Blog

GreenBook Blog provides original insight into the challenges faced by the market research industry today. Contributors from both sides of the table share their expertise and offer unique perspectives on a wide variety of issues, both strategic and tactical.

The most content we’ve come across in a blog, with daily updates, it’s certainly dedicated to being a market research blog.

GreenBook Blog market research

Vision Critical

Clean, informative and easy to navigate. Vision Critical has produced some fantastic visual infographics in the past, like Evolution of Insight; not forgetting that each blog post is nicely written and clear to understand.

Vision Critical Blog market research

NewMR by Ray Poynter

NewMR is a collaborative endeavour, designed to help co-create the future of market research by combining the best of the new with the best of the old.

NewMR are heavily active online and have plenty of useful formats/avenues, such as a LinkedIn group and online conferences, for any market researcher to get involved in the latest news.

New MR Blog market research

Love Stats by Annie Pettit

I am a market research methodologist who blogs about social media research, surveys, statistics, charts, and more. My goal is to keep research real, current, and fun.

She recently blogged live, straight from the 2013 ESOMAR Congress in Istanbul - a practise which she actually undertakes as a means of note-taking for herself. Great for those MRs who don’t always get the opportunity to leave their desk but want to stay in the loop.

Love stats annie pettit Blog market research

Brian Juicer Blog

A blog by BrainJuicer about how people behave (and what we do about it)

Deemed most innovative Market Research company in 2011, this blog opens the door to all their BrainJuicer thoughts. Their articles, based on issues or thoughts that arose during their own work will likely provoke your own inner discussion of the topic.

Brainjuicer Blog market research

BONUS : Tom Ewing of BrainJuicer has his own blog,, this time all opinions are his own.

Landmark by Discovery Research Group

A quirky, likeable blog that faithfully looks at Market Research from the perspective of a Market Researcher.

discovery research group landmark Blog market research

Question Science

Exploring the art and science of designing surveys. Looking at the best ways to engage and communicate with survey respondents and how to generate effective feedback from your surveys. It explores and identifies new ideas and techniques surrounding online research.

Written by Jon Puleston, who is the VP Innovation of the GMI interactive division at Lightspeed Research, my favourite parts are when he covers mrx ‘buzzwords’ in his articles. On the whole, it is a very informative blog, albeit infrequently updated.

question science lightspeed Blog market research

QualBlog by 20|20 Research Inc.

QualBlog is a blog provided by 20|20 Research, Inc. and written by Jim Bryson, CEO and Founder. QualBlog will include stories on qualitative techniques, the qualitative research industry, and other items of interest to qualitative researchers.

While it can be very 20|20-centric, which is to be expected, Jim does provide useful insights and links to qualitative-related market research content.

qualblog 20|20 Blog market research


Funny and engaging blog that spans both market research and marketing. The blog is made for Market Researchers who not only want to be kept updated on their industry, but who also enjoy compelling, and often light-hearted, content. Their team list in the sidebar includes a direct link to each author’s latest article - great if you have a favourite!

imoderate Blog market research

The Pert Group

We’re authors of interesting things. We write to bring you a clearer point of view.

Good-looking blog from a research-based consultancy group. They write about interesting data, and often indulge in a bit of humour.

pert group market research

VIDEO BONUS: Market Research Society

With over 27,000 views of its YouTube channel, the Market Research Society offers mrx content for those who prefer it in a more immersive format.

pert group market research

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