Out-of-home proves its brand building value in the era of short-termism

on Tuesday December 3, 2019 @ 9:06

Out-of-home proves its brand building value in the era of short-termism

New industry benchmarks released by On Device Research reveal that out-of-home advertising drives brand metric improvements at both ends of the purchase funnel. This trend is particularly pronounced for new product launches which enjoy a +17% uplift in brand awareness and +3.3% uplift in brand consideration on average.

There was good news for the out of home industry in November, with AA/WARC upgrading their 2019 outlook for the ad sector and forecasting growth rates for outdoor advertising that are second only to digital. The industry’s “Up Fronts” season has doubled-down on the prevailing industry narrative around the slide in brand value caused by under-investment in brand-building campaigns, with out-of-home positioned as the ideal channel to help arrest this decline.

OOH’s two screen future heralded by the dramatic growth of digital out-of-home, coupled with more sophisticated location based and behavioural targeting techniques drives impact at both ends of the branding funnel. The average outdoor campaign tested by On Device Research using passive location data to measure ad exposure, achieves a +6.6% percentage point increase in unaided brand awareness and a +2.9% increase in brand consideration.

These brand metric improvements are even more pronounced for new product launches. New products advertised through out-of-home enjoy double digit growth in prompted brand awareness (moving off admittedly lower control score baselines), achieve significant cut through with +4.4% ad recall and even outperform the out of home and digital norm in terms of brand consideration (+3.3%).



In a channel generally noted for its ability to drive awareness and fame, it is important to note OOH’s impact on lower funnel metrics on the path to conversion. As one advertiser noted in JC Decaux’s recent Brand Gap research, “consideration is the golden metric for the brand gap.” It is a metric that tells us more about long term brand success than a simple awareness score does and is a vital stepping-stone on the path towards brand loyalty and advocacy. Out-of-home’s ability to drive brand consideration should cement its role in the channel mix as the pendulum swings back to long term brand building.

These industry benchmarks are derived from On Device Research’s award-winning methodology for passively measuring out of home ad exposure and linking it to brand impact. Nick Mawditt, Managing Partner of the leading independent outdoor specialist Talon says "We started working with On Device a couple of years ago in response to a greater need for audience precision and real insight from our research partners. On Device delivers exactly what we need and more, as location planning and measurement plays a greater role in our everyday work with our advertiser clients. We’ve put the device-centric measurement work at the heart of our business and it helps us demonstrate how people are engaging with Out of Home advertising and ensuring we are delivering robust and accountable metrics."

To find out more about how you can measure both out-of-home brand impact and sales uplift, get in touch with On Device Research at info@ondeviceresearch.com, visit our website www.ondeviceresearch.com or call us on +44 (0) 203 405 9760.

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