On Device Quick Poll: Students and Insurance

in Fun research
on Monday March 25, 2019 @ 4:51

Our recent poll of 200 students revealed almost half hold no insurance of any type; health insurance is most common (23%).
In fact, only a third (37%) have ever even considered it and the insurance industry has a challenge on its hands to engage this valuable audience.

In part, the issue is a lack of understanding - only 4-in-10 say they even know how insurance works. But more broadly, the industry must make more of an effort to engage with students, particularly the 45% that feel current providers don't do enough to cater for students’ specific needs. However, many students are in control of the choice (28-40%), and the potential to influence this purchase decision exists for companies getting the message right.

All interviewing was completed via our Curious Cat panel, with 200 interviews completed in just 3 days.

To find out how you can use our Curious Cat panel to quickly find out students' perceptions and behaviors, get in touch with info@ondeviceresearch.com today.

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