Happy Halloween! Pumpkin carving meets market research

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on Thursday October 31, 2013 @ 4:17

Things got messy at On Device Research this Halloween; Siim and I took to carving pumpkins in honour of this spooky holiday!

Siim and Poh Lin carving pumpkins

Naturally, we, the Marketing team took the task expertly in our stride. Two newbies to the pumpkin-carving world, we hastily absorbed all advice from the resident expert - Alex - our certified American. “Scoop more!” she advises, whilst looking sceptically at Siim’s barely hollowed pumpkin. Not an easy feat when you have the choice of a soup spoon or a small paring knife.

After intense brainstorming and quick preparation of our pumpkins, we were soon able to start transforming these three ordinary pumpkins into Halloween masterpieces!

Putting Stanley knife to good use

Following our blueprints, I carefully carved our logo using a Stanley knife – another improvised office supply-cum-tool!

We decided to create three complimentary designs; our On Device Research logo, a feature phone complete with mobile survey, and lastly, our aptly named ‘Hungry Researcher’ pumpkin.

Three pumpkins

The finished product(s)!

Pumpkin carving wouldn’t be complete without tea lights and darkness, turning off the lights for these next shots. How great do our pumpkins look?

Glowing pumpkins

Hope you all have a fantastic Halloween! Check out our Pinterest for more Halloween fun and don’t forget to let us know about your own pumpkin carving or Halloween adventures.

Hungry Research pumpkin

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