See you at Esomar Congress: Think Big

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on Monday September 16, 2013 @ 10:56

Merhaba! It's time to practice some Turkish as we're soon flying to Istanbul for the annual Esomar Congress. This year we're joining friends from SoundCloud on stage to talk about how mobile research enriches Big Data.

SoundCloud diary study

The theme at this year's conference is "Think Big" and SoundCloud is definitely doing this - they are recording over 3 terabytes of data every single day. Making sense of that data is no mean feat and their Insight Evangelist Nadines Guhlich will share the challenges and why it made sense to turn to On Device Research to get some extra help.

In addition to that Alistair Hill, our CEO will share our findings from "survey chunking" or splitting longer, 30 minute surveys, up into shorter stages to improve the data quality and help researchers use mobile to get enough data to meet their project requirements.

I will be covering some of the sessions that are relevant to our research on our blog and via video. The organisers are also providing a live stream for Monday-Wednesday sessions.

If you're in Istanbul and would like to discuss how mobile research and panels can help your business then ping @OnDevice on Twitter or email

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