Can mobile save the high street from its online competition

The retail high stret is facing tough times - our research shows that 60% of respondents use their mobiles in-store to research products and prices before purchasing. How does it affect their decisions, how can stores interact with same consumers via their mobiles?

The retail high street is facing tough times. The fragile economy has created more savvy customers, who are increasingly using mobile internet in-store to research products and prices before purchasing. We’ve looked into this trend in detail, and found that 60% of respondents have used mobile internet whilst in a retail store.

What do people reseach on mobile while in-store

What are customers researching via mobile when in-store?

  • 34% compare prices
  • 23% use email or social networks
  • 17% look at product reviews
  • 16% check product specifications
  • 16% scan barcodes to compare prices
  • 16% look for a mobile discount codes or vouchers
  • 5% buy items through their mobile

It’s important to note that while most consumers focus their in-store mobile research on big purchases like home electronics, furniture and other household items relatively smaller items get researched almost as much.

What are their actions as a result of browsing?

As a result over one thirds of the customers bought the product in the store while 14% chose a different store and 20% decided to buy via their desktop/laptop or their mobile phone (11% and 9% respectively)

If logged on to stores wifi 74% would be happy for the company to send them text messages or email with promotional offers.

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Post PC Era: In the retail enviroment from On Device Research

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