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on Saturday November 7, 2015 @ 12:51

On Device Research was recently commissioned by Millward Brown to conduct a study to look at where, why, when and how multiscreen users consume video, and by extension how best advertisers can engage with this. 13,500 multiscreen users (who use a smartphone or tablet and also own or have access to a TV) across 42 countries were interviewed about their habits.


  • Globally, multiscreen users aged 16-45 watch more than 3 hours of video daily; half of this time is spent watching TV (either live or on demand) and half spent viewing on smartphones, tablets, and computers
  • Consumers are most receptive to video ads targeted based on their interests (41%) or preferred brands (39%) and were least receptive to ads based on their online search history (19%)
  • Users are most receptive to ads on live TV: 29% favour ads on this platform compared with 19% on smartphone or tablet
  • On digital and mobile platforms, users prefer skippable or click-to-play ads
  • Skippable ads, the first few seconds are crucial to hooking in the viewer. Ads most likely to be watched in full are 30 seconds or less and having the brand appear early on is essential
  • On mobile, the most popular ad format with 50% favorability is app reward videos
  • The initial frame and text in click-to-play ads is paramount if users are to opt to view the ad

The full report is available at the Millward Brown website.

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