30% of mobile internet users browse whilst watching TV

on Saturday August 27, 2011 @ 3:31

In our third free quarterly global consumer data report, (which we uniquely collect from respondents via their mobile phones) we sought to understand how consumers use the mobile web in conjunction with other media.

Young man using mobile on couch, watching TV

The explosion of mobile internet usage has enabled the mobile advertising opportunity, but as most advertising planners know, truly engaging advertising doesn't work in silos, it works together.

  • 30% of mobile internet users also watch TV whilst browsing via their mobile.
  • Of these consumers 91% either use their mobile to research or directly purchase items via their mobile phone.
  • Contrary to popular belief most mobile internet interactions happen in the home

To provide a global perspective the initial section of this report looks into data across: UK, US, Brazil, Indonesia, Egypt, Singapore, India, South Africa and Qatar.

Day in the life of mobile

Why do consumers use mobile when watching TV?

The second section takes a more qualitative look into the day in the life of a mobile consumer in the UK, using mobile diaries to track behaviour.

Photo: andronicusmax

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