A Day in the Life of Daniel Dodd

This month’s day in the life post sees us visit Daniel Dodd, UX Designer for On Device Research on what his average day looks like from morning coffee to lights out.


I wake around 6.30am and start with a cold shower and morning coffee to help give me a boost and get me ready for the day.


I next head to the gym for some morning exercise followed by cycling into work at our offices in Holborn (on the days I’m in the office). My role is hybrid, so some of the week I will work from home.


I kick of the day with our daily morning stand up with the rest of the Engineering team. This is where we discuss & update each other on our work in progress & any potential blockers to current workflows.


I next plan out my day and ensure I get all the necessary admin out the way allowing me to focus on the key jobs at hand.


Next up, I have a one-on-one meeting with our front-end developer enabling a more in-depth catch-up regarding one of our current projects. During this meeting, we provide each other with feedback to ensure we’re both fully aligned on task requirements. This will always vary depending on the feature or product we’re designing and developing.

After our catch up, I crack on with any visual design work required to complete the task in progress.


When I’m in the office, I tend to go to my favorite Vietnamese sandwich shop for a Bahn-Mi or take a stroll down to Leather Lane to get my steps in.


I return to my desk and start working on some of my design tasks for one of our latest projects. Depending on the product I am designing, I may need to contact employees from different departments and collaborate with them to ensure that the outcome will meet both the team’s and clients’ requirements.


By this time, I’ve usually wrapped up all my meetings and begin focusing on finalising my to do list. One of these tasks is to assist the Engagement team with branded visual assets for our Curious Cat App. This ranges from App Store screenshots, email visuals, in-app messages, videography and more.


Time for home. My days in the office see me cycle back followed by cooking some dinner. I then spend some time catching up with the latest TV series or sports with my housemate.

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