A day in the life of a Research Manager - Sarah Millyard.

In this month's day in the life post, we speak to Research Manager Sarah Millyard on her average working day from morning alarm to lights out!

7.30am - The idea of a nice coffee helps me get out of bed! Either I will go on a walk to the local coffee shop, or I will make a nice frothy coffee at home (usually this decision is weather dependent). Having recently moved house, I am on a mission to try out all the local coffee shops one by one!

8.30am - I firstly catch up with my emails and write a to-do list to start the day. I go through all my live projects one by one and use this as a checklist.

9.30am - I will then start reviewing my latest research report and ensuring all the data is inputted correctly.

10am – I generally have my first meeting of the day around 10am. Today, we have a kick off call with a new client alongside a member of our sales team. Our meeting is around exploring their research requirement and the solutions that would work best in attaining the client’s desired outcome.

11am – Once the meeting and research solution has been finalised, the commercial team hand the project over and I begin writing the questionnaire.

12pm - Before lunch, as I manage, I use this time to catch up with my team to see how their week is going and how current projects are running.

1pm – Time for some lunch. Generally, when I work from home, I will head over to a local Tesco’s and grab some food from there. However, sometimes I make something from home and a current favourite is a homemade chicken wrap with tzatziki and siracha sauce. Simply delicious!

2pm - Straight after lunch, I am into another meeting. This time I am presenting campaign results back to a client. We establish the ways in which the campaign worked in driving overall brand funnel metrics alongside making recommendations on what could work better in the future in order to aid brand growth.

3pm – My mid-afternoons are the perfect opportunity to catch up on my admin tasks. This ranges from addressing any further analysis or follow ups from previous presentations to having further catch ups with my team.

4pm - Towards the end of the day, I continue to work on any outstanding scripts, data processing specs and reports.

5pm - I reprioritise my do to list for the following day and ensure this is clear and ready to be actioned the next day (organisation is key to running a smooth ship as a research manager!)

6pm - I finish for the day and usually attend a local fitness class to help wind down. I then head back for some dinner and watch some TV before bed (At the moment I am watching Married at First Sight - Australia!)

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