14 reasons to mobile-proof your surveys

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on Tuesday August 27, 2013 @ 1:59

Mobile market research and mobile surveys have been a hot topic for years now and finally market researchers are coming around to the idea of doing some of their research using mobile panels.

But do you know who likes mobile surveys even more than market researchers? Consumers. They are mobile now and the shift from desktop browsing to mobile browsing (and shopping, using social networks, watching videos etc) has happened faster than anyone anticipated.

Mobile is no longer an afterthought, it should be a focus from the start.

14 intriguing statistics that make the case for switching to mobile surveys and mobile market research

1) 4 out 10 emails sent are being read on a mobile device. Mobile open share has increased 300% since 2010 and shows no sign of slowing. Tweet This Stat! (Source: Return Path)

2) "Mobile mothers" spend 27% (2.7 hours) of their daily media time with their mobile, on par with TV (28%) and outpacing desktop internet usage (19%). Tweet This Stat! (Source: On Device Research)

3) 75% of smartphone users in the US read email on the go. In India only 17% of smartphone owners do that. Tweet This Stat! (Source: Nielsen)

4) More people in Africa have access to mobile phones than to clear drinking water. There are over 80 million phones connected to the internet on the continent. Tweet This Stat! (Source: On Device Research)

5) Men are more likely to open emails on their mobile but women click on links 10% more than men. Tweet This Stat! (Source: TailoredMail)

6) 23% of total website visits in December 2012 came from mobile devices, that’s an increase of 84% compared to December 2011. Tweet This Stat! (Source: WalkerSands)

7) One in eight US online panelist now respond to surveys via their mobile device, up 20-30% after each Christmas period (go gadgets as gifts!). In 2 years this will be as high as 50% of all panel respondents. Tweet This Stat! (Source: Federated Sample)

8) Mobiles became the leading method to go online for China’s 538 million connected citizens back in November 2012. Tweet This Stat! (Source: On Device Research)

9) There will be 788 million mobile-only internet users by 2015. Tweet This Stat! (Source: Cisco)

10) Smartphones represented only 18 percent of total global handsets in use in 2012, but represented 92 percent of total global handset traffic. Feature phones still make up the vast majority of handsets on the global network - 82% to be exact. Tweet This Stat! (Source: Cisco)

11) Over 6% of the total mobile audience in the US scanned a QR code in June 2011, impressive number considering the penetration of smartphones back then. Both smartphone usage and QR scanning has gone up, great potential for survey distribution? Tweet This Stat! (Source: comScore)

12) One-third of Americans would rather give up sex than their mobile phone. More shockingly 22% would give up their toothbrush… Tweet This Stat! (Source: TeleNav)

13) Survey completion rate on mobile for well managed panel can be as high as 80%. Typical completion rates with online panel vary from 10-15%. Tweet This Stat! (Sources: On Device Research and SurveyGizmo)

14) 57% of consumers consider connection speed on their mobile "extremely important". Every extra second spent downloading your survey means lost respondents. Tweet This Stat! (Source: Accenture)

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