Never before have more people been so accessible for market research thanks to their most personal device - the mobile phone

35 million mobile surveys in 92 countries have proven the benefits of this methodology in both developed and emerging markets.

Mobile surveys

Benefits of mobile surveys

  • Reach the mobile audiences – in emerging and growth markets mobile is the main way to go online
  • Target mobile owners – by their phone type, OS, model and make, and more…
  • Hard-to-reach respondents – 70% of 16-24 year olds use mobile as their main connected device
  • Pinpoint data collection - people typically respond to survey invites sent via SMS within 15 minutes
  • Rapid insight with 24 hour turnaround – knowledge in days, not weeks or months


  • Optimised experience for mobile screen
  • Myriad of question types, survey logic – all cross-platform
  • Survey chunking to accommodate longer surveys
  • Real-time data reporting via custom dashboards
  • Best respondent experience – only data connection and mobile browser required, nothing to download
  • Truly cross-platform - design and script only once

Use cases: Ad hoc surveys, Media measurement, Shopper studies, Concept testing, Copy testing, Custom mobile panels, Tracking studies

How mobile surveys works

1. SMS with a survey link
Ensures high response rates
2. Survey in mobile browser
Work on any connected device
3. Results & insight
In days, not weeks

Survey respondents can be targeted by:

  • Demographics (age, gender, income)
  • Life stage
  • Product & brand usage
  • Device, manufacturer & OS (iOS, Android, etc)
  • Mobile operator
  • Time & location (time of day, day of week)
  • Regions within emerging markets