Measure the brand effectiveness of your mobile campaign

Until now, measuring the brand effectiveness of mobile beyond click-through rates has been tough. Traditional cookie tracking can only measure a small proportion of activity, since 70% is in-app.

To overcome these issues, we at On Device Research have developed a new and unique method that enables mobile advertising to be measured in the same way as other media. Consequently, this provides the industry with the necessary confidence to evaluate mobile on a like for like basis.

On Device Research’s Mobile Brand Impact will tell you...

  • Brand Impact: How well the campaign lifted brand metrics versus our normative database
  • Media Impact: How each media partner contributed across each brand metric
  • Creative Impact: How well each creative in uenced each brand metric

On Device Research uses mobile surveys to measure marketing effectiveness in both developed and emerging markets.

Using proprietary technology, access to consumers and best practice On Device Research helps some of the world’s leading brands, ad agencies and media owners to understand the effectiveness of their online and of ine advertising.

So far On Device Research has delivered over 35 million surveys across 95 countries.

How We Do It

The key building blocks for our solution are our tracking technology, proprietary cleansing algorithm, survey platform technology and our fully opted in device ID panel.

1. We embed our tracking URL into the ad creative. We verify that we are collecting Device IDs correctly.
2. We collect Device IDs in our exposure engine, cleanse the IDs & match these to our Device ID panel and/ or dynamically retarget IDs.
3. Our panellists are then asked to complete a survey 24-48 hours after exposure.
4. Test & control survey groups to isolate the brand impact.

Key Metrics

An assessment of how the advertising impacted the awareness and intent funnel.

  • We also measure 2 further key dimensions that speak to the power of mobile: namely, emotional response & action ability.
  • A template survey is used; it includes 15 standard questions and is designed to be taken on any internet enabled device. Clients can have up to 5 additional custom questions.

This enables the true impact of mobile advertising to be isolated.

Time Inc. Case Study

Challenge: To grow awareness and drive understanding of the Family Life offering.

Solution: Our Family Experts at GoodtoKnow created 6 pieces of bespoke content around "Travel Top 10s" to help mums navigate the world of family holidays.

This content was amplified using IAB Standard display, GoodtoKnow social channels, Prerolls and cross-platform impact & engagement units - designed & built by Collective Studio and scaled beyond Time Inc across our premium partner network.

Want to find out more? Watch the video!

KFC Case Study

Emotions/Feeling generated

Top Emotions/Feeling generated

Campaign Objectives

  • UK launch of the KFC Burrito product
  • Core audience: 18-34 year olds
  • Targeting criteria: interested in fast food, located around KFC/other QSR outlets at lunch time


  • The campaign significantly raised product awareness from 14% to 36%
  • Brand Consideration: already high at 56% was lifted to 68%
  • The campaign also generated strong feelings towards the brand and invoked hunger needs and product desire