Measure The Effectiveness of Your Cross Device Campaign

Until now, measuring the effectiveness of your digital campaign has been siloed to desktop, mobile web, tablet and in-app.

This does not reflect digital consumption in today’s fragmented landscape.

To address this issue, we at On Device Research have developed a new and unique method that enables digital advertising to be measured across all screens to better understand the roles, synergies and effectiveness of each device.

Determine how well the cross device campaign:

  • Reached its intended audiences?
  • Delivered its desired brand impact?
  • Drove people to visit the store?

On Device Research uses mobile surveys to measure marketing effectiveness in both developed and emerging markets.

Using proprietary technology, access to consumers and best practice On Device Research helps some of the world’s leading brands, ad agencies and media owners to understand the effectiveness of their online and offline advertising.

So far On Device Research has delivered over 35 million surveys across 95 countries.

How We Do It

The key building blocks for our solution are our tracking technology, proprietary cleansing algorithm, survey platform technology, Cross Device Graph partnerships and our fully opted in device ID panel.

1. We embed our 1X1 pixel into both the mobile and desktop creatives.
2. Campaign goes live and we capture handsets that have been exposed to the creative.
Reach: We match these exposed ids to our Device Id panel which contains both Device Ids & panellist demographics.
Brand impact: Our panellists are then asked to complete a survey 24-48 hours after exposure.
Store effect: We match exposed ids to Geo Waves panel of continuously “always on” consumers that allow us to track store visits.

Cross device impact measurement

Key Metrics

  • Unique Reach
  • On Target Demographic delivery
  • Brand Awareness
  • Ad Recall
  • Purchase Intent
  • Store traffic
  • Dwell Time