Enrich Your Understanding Of Your Mobile Users

Need to better understand who is using your app and survey them in a non-intrusive way?

Audience intelligence

On Device’s Audience Intelligence solution will tell you...

  • The demographic profile of your users
  • Determine the motivations behind their usage / interaction levels
  • Their wider digital journey habits and the context behind their interaction / transactions

How We Do It

The key building blocks for our solution our fully profiled, mobile survey panel of 3.5 million global mobile phone users.

1. Determine the best way to match: Device ID, email, mobile phone number & send these to our secure FTP site.
2. On Device Research runs a data match and determine the overlap rates.
3. On Device supplies required demographic info based on a cost per record fee.
4. On Device surveys the overlap users in order to elicit the desired attitudinal user insights.

Key Insights Available

Our Audience Insight solution will help you determine your users:

  • Demographics
  • Attitudes/motivations
  • Digital Journey