Need to gain accurate, timely and affordable consumer insights in the world's most challenging and fastest growing markets?

Until now accessing these markets has been a significant challenge due to low PC penetration rates, fragmented infrastructures and highly diverse, rural populations. This has resulted in costly face-to-face approaches needing to be adopted or only speaking with the more affluent and urban consumers through online access panels.

Mobile surveys

The mobile experts, 6 year's experience, 35 million mobile surveys, 92 markets covered

The rise of the mobile phone overcomes a lot of these issues, but the mobile internet in emerging markets is not that same as in developed markets with many consumers using ultra low cost android smartphones and some still relying on feature phones to access the internet, often on 2G networks.

On Device Opinions was developed to overcome all these issues. Our unique mobile optimised survey platform provides the better customer experience, it has over 15 times faster page loads than the standard survey tools. This, coupled with our sampling approach that accesses both our 3.5m global mobile panel as well as our unique dynamic sampling technique that allows us to source new, fresh respondents enables marketer’s unrivalled access to their consumers in these key markets of growth.

On Device’s APAC Mobile Surveys give the following benefits:

  • Reach – our data is representative of the 16-44 year olds for both urban/ rural and high / low income groups across 20 APAC markets via both smartphone and feature phone.
  • Data quality – mobile's ability to reach low and high income groups in APAC and capability for automatic data cleaning means better data accuracy compared to face-to-face surveys.
  • Speed – data in days rather than weeks or months
  • Cost – no need to hire an army of face-to-face interviewers

20 markets covered in APAC:

Australia Japan Singapore
Bangladesh Malaysia South Korea
Cambodia Myanmar Sri Lanka
China Mongolia Thailand
Hong Kong New Zealand Taiwan
India Pakistan Vietnam
Indonesia Philippines

How We Do It

By combining our dynamic sampling capabilities with our 3.5 million person global mobile panel we gets answers to business questions at a quality, speed and cost previously unthinkable:

How mobile surveys work

1. Dynamic Sampling and Mobile Panel selected for the appropriate project.
2. Survey in mobile browser. Works on any connected device, no apps to download.
3. Automatic data cleaning
4. Results & insight delivered via interactive dashboards, data tables or presentation

Advantages that Mobile recruited respondents offer:

  • SEC A-E, a range of lifestyles and income groups
  • 16-44 in Emerging Markets or 16-64 in Developed Markets
  • National Geographic spread, even rural.
  • User of any mobile device (Apple, Android, Blackberry, Feature Phone, Tablets)
  • Data collection 'always on' responses are received around the clock
  • Responses can be captured 'In the Moment'
  • Sample universe matching that of all mobile internet users in a given country

Survey respondents can be targeted by:

  • Demographics (age, gender, income)
  • Life stage
  • Product & brand usage
  • Device, manufacturer & OS (iOS, Android, etc)
  • Mobile operator
  • Time & location (time of day, day of week)
  • Regions within emerging markets