Measure the impact of your digital brand spend in the most popular social platforms

"We have also been calling for a long time for media owners like Facebook and Google not to mark their own homework and to release data to enable independent evaluation. The referee and player cannot be the same person."
- Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO WPP

Social platforms are a mainstay of every digital campaign now, and nowhere is this truer than in the mobile space. Display spend in social environments amounted to £1.7billion in 2016, 79% of which was in mobile. Compared to the average publisher or DSP, social platforms offer almost unrivalled levels of consumer engagement, attention, and targeting, yet at the same time their analytics predominately exist behind a walled garden with metrics and KPIs unverifiable by third-party measurement solutions.

On Device Research has a unique solution to this challenge. A combination of innovative ad insertion technology, combined with our expertise in tracking, measuring, and verifying digital ad activity offers brands a solution for assessing and optimizing their social media spend as objectively and independently as possible.

Social Media Impact will enable you to measure...

  • Top-of-mind brand awareness: Does your brand come to mind first for consumers?
  • Unprompted brand awareness: Do consumers have mental availability for your brand?
  • Advertising recall: Are your digital ads achieving cut-through?
  • Brand consideration: Is your brand in consumers’ consideration set?
  • Purchase Intent: How likely are people to purchase your brand/product/service?
  • Creative performance: What emotional response, message take-out and consumer interaction is your creative driving?
  • Custom brand questions: Ask up to five KPIs or segmentation questions, unique to your brand.
  • Viewability: Measure ad engagement through viewability and duration-based metrics.

On Device Research uses mobile surveys to measure marketing effectiveness in both developed and emerging markets.

Using proprietary technology, access to consumers, and best practice, On Device Research helps some of the world’s leading brands, ad agencies, and media owners to understand the effectiveness of their online and offline advertising.

So far, On Device Research has delivered over 35 million surveys across 95 countries.

How We Do It

The key building blocks for our solution are our tracking technology, proprietary cleansing algorithm, survey platform technology and our fully opted in device ID panel.

1. Consumers on our device panel log in to their social media account via our panel app. Browsing of their social news feed occurs as normal, but within our app environment.
2. Using ad insertion technology, the client’s ad is placed within a panellist’s news feed and ad exposure occurs in a natural, non-simulated way.
3. Exposure to the ad is measured via our exposure engine, with panellists then asked to complete a survey 24-48 hours after exposure.
4. Test and control survey groups are used to isolate brand impact, with additional ad viewability behavioural metrics layered in to the analysis alongside benchmarking against a norms database of 300+ studies.

Social Media Brand Impact Key Benefits

  • Accountability: Deploy truly independent third-party verification to assess the impact of social ad spend and provide the transparency and trust often lacking in digital metrics reporting.
  • Behavioural and Attitudinal: Cross-reference the often-overlooked brand impact of social display activity with behavioural metrics relating to attention and viewability.
  • Accurate and timely: Superior data quality transformed into actionable insight, delivered days after the field work period ends, allowing for nimble decision-making.
  • Actionable: Interactive dashboards available to enable all key stakeholders to stay abreast of social ad performance and be reactive to key insights that emerge.

Case Study

A social media ad test for a well-known TV and streaming service on a major social platform

The social media campaign positively impacted awareness, with viewing duration playing an influential role.

Stronger ad visibility and playback for Creative A. Stronger click throughs for Creative B