Measure campaign attribution by assessing the impact of your offline media in driving online traffic and conversion.

Offline to Online Attribution will tell you...

  • How effectively offline media drives digital traffic
  • Traffic conversion to product pages and secure baskets
  • Analysis of customer journey post exposure to offline activity
  • Attribution of sales data to offline exposure where data is available

On Device Research uses mobile technology to help brands and their agencies measure marketing effectiveness, attribution and consumer interactions in both developed and emerging markets.

Our Store Effect Products use first party location data from over 5 million consumers to precisely measure the real world impact of online and offline ad campaigns in drive store visits, while Offline to Online attribution measures the impact of offline media on online consumer activity.

How We Do It

Step 1

We obtain audio files of the TV ads and/or radio ads, plus locations of out of home ads.

Step 2

We use a combination of cookies, device IDs, ACR (Audio Content Recognition) and geo location data to visualise campaign exposure

Step 3

We identify those respondents exposed to the campaign on our Curious cat app.

Step 4

We monitor the online movements of consumers exposed to your advertising over the campaign period and accurately report on digital activity.

What we measure

What we measure: Offline to Online Attribution