The explosion of mobile ownership in all areas in the world provides marketers with the opportunities to collect accurate, timly and cost effective data using a consistent methodology from all regions, both developed and emerging markets.

Until now accessing these markets has been a significant challenge due to low PC penetration rates, fragmented infrastructures and highly diverse, rural populations. This has resulted in costly face to face approaches needing to be adopted.

Multi Country Surveys

On Device's Multi Country Surveys give the following benefits:

  • Reach – Survey nationally representative samples of consumers in a consistent methodology across both developed and emerging markets
  • Speed – data in days rather than weeks or months
  • Cost – no need to hire an army of interviewers in emerging markets or project manage different methodologies across markets
  • Data quality – mobile's reach gain's access to accurate samples across the world and the ability to automatically clean data means increased data accuracy

How We Do It

By combining our dynamic sampling capabilities with our 3.5 million person global mobile panel we gets answers to business questions at a quality, speed and cost previously unthinkable:

How mobile surveys work

1. Dynamic Sampling and Mobile Panel selected for the appropriate project.
2. Survey in mobile browser. Works on any connected device, no apps to download.
3. Automatic data cleaning
4. Results & insight delivered via interactive dashboards, data tables or presentation

Download our white paper on multi-country studies here

Survey respondents can be targeted by:

  • Demographics (age, gender, income)
  • Life stage
  • Product & brand usage
  • Device, manufacturer & OS (iOS, Android, etc)
  • Mobile operator
  • Time & location (time of day, day of week)
  • Regions within emerging markets