Mobile advertising effectiveness

Cookies are not reliable. They don’t work on mobile devices. We give brands a better solution to track the effect of brand advertising.

Our unique approach of collecting mobile IDs allows us to target the exposed and control groups in real life settings and collect brand metrics a week after the exposure with a mobile survey.

Survey exposed and control groups in real life settings...

Benefits of our approach

  • Measure campaign effectiveness – purchase intent, awareness, consideration
  • Understand the impact on brand metrics, not just the clickthrough rates or CTR
  • Real life use case, not a lab setup – respondents not aware which ad is being tested
  • Speed – results in 7 days


  • Bullet proof method of knowing who’s seen an ad and who hasn’t
  • Fast setup with template surveys
  • Works with in-app and mobile web ads
  • Works in RTB environments

Here's how we measure the effectiveness of your ad campaign

1. App download
People download our research app and we collect their mobile IDs
2. Profiling
Respondents take a profiling survey to establish a baseline
3. Exposure to ads
While browsing the web and using apps + non-exposed control group
4. Exit survey
After exposure to ads people answer attitude and key brand questions

Survey respondents can be targeted by:

  • Demographics (age, gender, income)
  • Life stage
  • Product & brand usage
  • Device, manufacturer & OS (iOS, Android, etc)
  • Mobile operator
  • Time & location (time of day, day of week)
  • Regions within emerging markets
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