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Cookies are not reliable. They don’t work on mobile devices. We give brands a better solution to track the effect of brand advertising.

Our unique approach of collecting mobile IDs allows us to target the exposed and control groups in real life settings and collect brand metrics a week after the exposure with a mobile survey.

Survey exposed and control groups in real life settings...

The Importance of Mobile

37 minutes in every digital hour is now spent on mobile. 37 minutes in every digital hour is now spent on mobile.
Mobile usurped
Desktop in 2014 as
the no1 device for
accessing the internet. Mobile usurped Desktop in 2014 as the no1 device for accessing the internet.

In spite of the rising mobile tide brand marketers are still to commit advertising monies in a consistent and significant fashion to the platform.

One of the key road blocks is robust measurement proof that mobile can build brand metrics.

The Need For Better Measurement

We have developed a new and unique way that enables mobile advertising to be measured in the same way as other media. Thus providing the industry with the necessary confidence to evaluate mobile on a like for like basis.

Our Breakthrough Approach

1. Embed our 1x1 pixel into the ad creative.
2. Collect Device ID in our exposure engine, cleanse the IDs & match these to our Device ID panel.
3. Our panellists are then asked to complete a survey 24-48 hours after exposure.
4. Test & control survey groups to isolate the brand impact.

Key Metrics

Assessment of how the advertising campaign impacted the 5 key advertising effectiveness diagnostics:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Advertising Recall
  • Brand Favourability
  • Message Association
  • Purchase Intent

All results are benchmarked & can be analysed by format, demos, creative, device type etc.

A template survey is used, it includes 15 questions and is designed to be taken on any internet enabled device. Clients can have up to 5 additional custom questions.

Test & control groups are matched on demographics, category engagement and consumer receptivity to mobile advertising.

This enables the true impact of mobile advertising to be determined.


  • Future proof using device IDs
  • Global expertise in building mobile panels
  • Ads measured in most natural way
  • Does not interrupt the user experience
  • Fully privacy compliant
  • Highly flexible:
    Can measure by creative, site/app, placement, frequency, formats etc.
  • Highly cost effective
  • Surveys delivered on any internet enabled device
  • Benchmark data: 21,000 surveys to date

We were delighted with the research provided by Byyd and our agency Blue 449 to spearhead our mobile brand spend in the UK. In a cluttered and fragmented world of advertising media, the mobile device is considered the most personal form of one-to-one marketing for KFC; it’s great to categorically prove that mobile advertising has influenced our target audience throughout the awareness, consideration and purchase stages.

Jenny Packword, Head of Digital, PR and Brand - Communication, KFC

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