Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Mobile Campaign In Driving Footfall Into Stores

Our Digital Store Effect will tell you...

  • Visitation Impact: How many people visited the store as a result of the campaign?
  • Trip Impact: How often they visited the store?

How We Do It

1. We embed our tracking URL into the mobile ad creative and verify we are collecting Device IDs/Cookies correctly.

In-app: Collect Device IDs in our exposure engine, cleanse the IDs.

Browser: Collect cookies in our exposure engine, work with our device graph partner.

3. We match exposed IDs to a Geo Location 5 million+ panel of continuously 'always on' consumers that allow us to track user's store visits.
4. We create exposed & control groups that are matched on location behaviours, app usage & visitation of the advertiser retail brand & determine the total impact of the campaign in driving store visitation.

What We Measure

How we read the results

2.6% of consumers who were exposed to the campaign had visited the advertiser’s store in the month before the campaign started. 5.1% of consumers who were exposed to the campaign visited either during or after: 2.2% of incremental visitors and a 76% uplift.

Increase in Visitors

We work with over 100 platforms and media partners