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By Matthew Dodd, MD Global Media Effectiveness, On Device Research

We are often asked what format works best:

  • Is video worth the incremental cost?
  • Do banners still work?
  • Which format is best for driving call to action vs brand awareness?

In order to answer these questions we delved into our 45,000 / 150 study normative databank to unearth the answers.

Multi-Country Research Only Works Via Mobile

Saturday June 11, 2016 @ 8:02

Meb Gafur, June 2016

Mobile is the most reliable method for surveying both emerging and developed markets since it:

  • Delivers more representative samples than desktop recruited surveys
  • It is more accurate than face to face when compared to real world sales data

On Device Research recently conducted “research on research” analysis of mobile surveys’ ability to gain representative data from across the world. In order to get a good geographic spread we analysed data from surveys in the UK, India, Malaysia and South Africa.

Cross Device Ad Measurement Is Now a Reality

Wednesday June 1, 2016 @ 6:10

By Matthew Dodd, MD Global Media Effectiveness, On Device Research

How we helped one major UK retailer to better understand the effectiveness of their cross device Easter campaign.

By Matthew Dodd, MD Global Media Effectiveness, On Device Research

Last month I looked at how important emotion was to building top of mind brand awareness. This month I wanted to share with you the advertiser categories that are making the most from their in-app investments across the broader ad effectiveness funnel.

By Matthew Dodd, MD Global Media Effectiveness, On Device Research

What is the DNA of a top performing mobile creative? In order to answer this question we delved into our 100 study (30,000 survey) normative database. The campaigns ran across a plethora of mobile DSPs, advertiser categories and formats.

By Matthew Dodd, MD Global Media Effectiveness, On Device Research

We were asked by one of the UK’s leading advertisers to investigate their Q4 mobile campaign. They wanted to better understand not only how many people saw their campaign, but also to assess how well it delivered against its key demographic targets.

Mashup 2015

Sunday February 21, 2016 @ 9:09

Nader Kobeissi, our Global Managing Director, recently spoke at the MASHUP 2015 digital marketing conference in Kuwait. Nader took to the stage to discuss how users across Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE multitask across a variety of media, and how this activity ultimately affects purchasing behaviour.

Hiring: Project Manager- Singapore

Thursday January 28, 2016 @ 8:35

As a key member of the Singapore team, as Project Manager you will work across the entire project life cycle. The successful candidate will be expected to advise, oversee and implement robust market research solutions for clients from project sign off through to delivering final outputs. Strong project management and operational skills are a must for the role.

Byyd Research Proves Mobile Advertising Works

Monday November 16, 2015 @ 2:06

On Device recently partnered with Byyd to conduct the most robust assessment of mobile brand effectiveness in the UK to date. Focusing on four key aspects, this research provides essential insight into the effectiveness of mobile display advertising.

AdReaction 2015

Saturday November 7, 2015 @ 12:51

On Device Research was recently commissioned by Millward Brown to conduct a study to look at where, why, when and how multiscreen users consume video, and by extension how best advertisers can engage with this. 13,500 multiscreen users (who use a smartphone or tablet and also own or have access to a TV) across 42 countries were interviewed about their habits.

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