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Mobile market research news

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On Device Research has today announced that a well-known consumer electronics brand has won the award for the most effective mobile ad campaign of Q1 2017.

The award is assessed by analysing the quarterly rankings of mobile ads tested by ODR in terms of which have been most successful at shifting five key brand metrics. The ad was an innovative interactive video unit which allowed users to choose between two products that they wanted to discover more about and drove impact throughout the branding funnel: from awareness through to purchase intent.

Brand metrics often unfairly get referred to as “soft” metrics, as if the only measures that can tell you something hard and concrete about the effectiveness of media spend are ones to which you can attribute an observable action or a cost. There’s nothing soft about a soft metric however. Time and again the significant and vital impact that long term brand spend has on tangible business outcomes has been proven across virtually all media. Most notably Field and Binet’s “Long and Short of It” paper for the IPA advocates as much as a 60:40 budget split between long term brand and short term response spend, such are the power of “soft” measures.

When it comes to product research in Saudi Arabia, HyperPanda customers are the most likely to go mobile first: One third look to their smartphones when deciding which products and services to buy.

Mobile Creative Best Practice 2017

Wednesday March 22, 2017 @ 10:19

Mobile creatives best practices 2017

As mobile grows increasingly impactful for consumers and advertisers, marketers need to understand what drives mobile ad effectiveness in the micro-moments of user engagement. Based on in-depth research, Ian Gibbs of On Device Research gives four key considerations for marketers when addressing the role of mobile and mobile creative in the path to purchase.

On Device Research has today announced Collective UK and its client BP as winners of the inaugural Mobile Brand Effectiveness Award: a quarterly ranking of mobile ads tested by ODR that have been most successful at shifting five key brand metrics.

BP and the programmatic brand experts Collective topped the rankings in the final three months of 2016 with a playful smartphone video ad which highlighted the efficiency of its newly launched Ultimate anti-dirt fuel.

Newly released preliminary data by On Device Research reveals that mobile is significantly outperforming desktop when it comes to brand building online.

There are early signals from On Device Research’s cross-platform measurement database that mobile is the key driver of brand effectiveness in cross platform campaigns. An average of five campaigns tested has shown mobile to drive brand metric improvements that are between 3% to 5% points higher than desktop throughout the branding funnel: from awareness right the way through to purchase intent.

The mobile path-to-purchase in Saudi Arabia

Tuesday December 6, 2016 @ 10:52

It is estimated that by the end of 2016, 70.5% of the Saudi Arabian population will own a smartphone, equating to nearly 20 million people in total. Mobile has not only changed the way consumers behave both online and offline; but it has changed how brands connect with consumers, and in an increasingly fragmented media environment has thrown up a whole host of new and exciting planning implications.

Emerging markets and multi-country survey company On Device Research has increased its mobile survey guidelines to 50 questions; new question types, improved device and network connectivity speeds and increased consumer acceptance have allowed more questions to fit into On Device Research’s 20 minutes mobile survey recommendation.

Data released today by the mobile ad effectiveness specialists On Device Research provides proof that campaigns which pack an emotional punch deliver an uplift in purchase intent over four times greater than those which do not. Newly unearthed insight from On Device’s database of 170 mobile ad effectiveness studies also shows that the use of emotion has a brand multiplier effect throughout the branding funnel: from brand awareness, through to consideration and purchase intent.

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