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The partnership means brands and agencies can measure media effectiveness and store visit uplift down to 1 metre accuracy level

21 November 2017; London: Location Sciences, the mobile location intelligence company, has partnered with On Device Research, the brand effectiveness company, to deliver a new level of accuracy and precision for measuring media effectiveness in driving store visits, not seen in the UK before.

What is effectiveness?

Thursday November 16, 2017 @ 10:16

With the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony taking place in London this evening, Alistair Hill, CEO of On Device Research considers what effectiveness is, and what it isn't.

Brands advertise to make money. There is little doubt in this fact. When stripped of the complexities involved in strategic media plans and award winning creative, one simple truth remains: brands invest in advertising to make a positive impact on their bottom line.

While this is the purest measure of effectiveness, analysing results in terms of sales impact is often easier said than done. There is a considerable time lag between an ad campaign and its success (or lack off) being realised. Digital marketers need therefore to look for precursors of effectiveness: metrics that correlate with, and give an early indication of sales, to gain a faster read on the effectiveness of campaigns.

On Device Research has today revealed that GroundTruth (formerly xAd) has won the award for the most effective mobile campaign of Q3 2017 for its work on Visa’s Cross Border campaign.

The award is assessed by analysing the quarterly rankings of mobile ads tested by ODR to establish which campaigns have been most successful at shifting five key brand metrics. The Visa Cross Border campaign (booked by Starcom)deployed GroundTruth’s innovative approach to first party location data to target a group of millennial travellers with a range of high impact formats.

Analysis of On Device Research’s ad effectiveness database reveals that mobile campaigns running in Q4 see purchase intent improvements of nearly double the market average, despite challenges in achieving cut through in what is typically a season of high ad clutter.

On Device Research has today released a new wave of results from its cross-platform ad effectiveness norms database revealing that consumers exposed to ads across multiple devices record brand and ad awareness metric improvements of up to +9% higher than those who are exposed on just one device.

On Device Research has today released findings from the latest wave of its Path to Purchase tracker which reveal that a quarter of KSA smartphone owners claim to visit shopping centres less than they did a year ago in the face of increased usage of online shopping services and on-demand shopping apps.

On Device Research has today released findings from the latest wave of its Path to Purchase tracker which show that after convenience, ad fatigue plays a big role in driving paid On-Demand TV usage in the UK.

Over two in five respondents say that seeing fewer ads than they do watching linear TV motivates paid On-Demand TV viewing, with significant implications for brand advertisers and On-Demand TV providers alike.

On Device Research has today announced that Blis – the global leader in advanced mobile location data technology – has won the award for the most effective mobile campaign of Q2 2017 for its work on B&Q’s Fathers’ Day ad campaign.

On Device Research has revealed that mobile is a truly effective brand building platform for FMCG advertisers with the sector outperforming the mobile industry average across three out of five brand metrics tested. Video mobile ads have proven to be the most effective at driving FMCG brand awareness while rich banners are the most effective at boosting purchase intent.

On Device Research has today released a series of ad measurement benchmarks that shine a light on the significant brand impact that mobile video advertising has on a range of advertiser sectors. Automotive video ads are found to be the most memorable, with an average uplift in ad recall of +9% points, while entertainment and leisure video ads are best at driving purchase (+5%).

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