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Mobile market research news

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On Device Research would like to offer you our complementary Guide to Retail Marketing Effectiveness report, revealing that while some of the biggest names in UK grocery retail face more digital disruption than ever before, digital advertising has a significant role to play in building brands and driving average store footfall uplifts of 14.2%.

On Device Research are delighted to announce that we have won the IAB Europe Research Award for Brand Effectiveness for our work measuring Google and OMD's Pixel 2.0 campaign.

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On Device Research has released new analysis from its database of over 330 brand impact studies to reveal which advertiser categories are making the most of the digital brand opportunity from both a purchase intent and emotional resonance perspective.

On Device Research has released new analysis from its database of over 330 brand impact studies to reveal that advertisers seeking to harness the power of emotional response in their digital creative should look to video as a key driver.

On Device Research has today revealed that a well known Indonesian FMCG brand has won the award for the most effective mobile campaign of Q4 2017.

If you didn't manage to join us for one of our live webinars in January and March, then you can find a recording of the On Device Guide to Digital Effectiveness below.

Digital campaigns for FMCG brands with a relatively low share of consumer awareness (for example low market share brands or new product launches), on average tend to drive larger brand metric improvements than campaigns for better known brands.

An analysis of the top performing FMCG campaigns in On Device Research’s digital ad effectiveness database has shown that on average, for every £1 spent on digital media, a potential return of £4.28 in product sales is generated. Return on Brand Impact (ROBI) metrics are essential to optimizing brand effectiveness and will be discussed in the Brand Advertisers’ Guide to Digital Effectiveness web conference on the 6 March at 15:00 GMT.

Digital marketing budgets are under more scrutiny that ever, yet at the same time digital platforms have never offered a greater variety of opportunities to engage with your target audience and customers.

Independent measurement remains fundamental to realising the digital opportunity, enabling brands to optimise performance throughout the planning cycle, and focus on true long term measures of success such as brand health and ROI. Measuring the Return on Brand Impact (ROBI) is essential to digital success.

Geo-targeted campaigns drive long term brand health

Thursday December 21, 2017 @ 7:25

An analysis of 66 geo-targeted campaigns by On Device Research has revealed that they do more than simply drive store footfall and outperform the industry average for both brand consideration and purchase intent.

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