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Mobile market research news

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53% of mobile users in India, Kenya, Indonesia, Ghana and Nigeria have used m-banking and payments. It’s clear that limited access to formal banks in these growth and emerging markets, along with a high penetration of mobile devices, encourages mobile finance activities.

M-pesa agent stall in Tanzania

In just over a year, we have delivered one million surveys across 53 countries. To mark the milestone, we’ve analysed our data and put together a mobile research bible, with best practice principles for creating a successful mobile survey.

Crowd in the night. One million surveys in 53 countries.

Recently we helped Outdoor Media Center to conduct detailed research to better understand 4 stages in the purchase journey. Although all media channels play an important role, outdoor is the most powerful driver of behaviour - especially in the buying phase.

With 5.9bn global mobile subscribers and an ever-increasing demand for web-enabled devices, the mobile has become a powerful advertising tool for brands. According to research by IAB mobile ad spend increased 157% in 2011 to a record £203.2m.

On any given day, mobile web users spend 27% of their media time on mobile, 22% on TV and 32% online. Availability, ease of use and privacy are the top three driving factors to be on mobile.

mobile devices used-through-day

By the end of 2012 the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the number of people on Earth. The revolution brings with it a new generation of mobile-only Internet users, who only access the internet through web enabled mobile devices.

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The retail high stret is facing tough times - our research shows that 60% of respondents use their mobiles in-store to research products and prices before purchasing. How does it affect their decisions, how can stores interact with same consumers via their mobiles?

In our third free quarterly global consumer data report, (which we uniquely collect from respondents via their mobile phones) we sought to understand how consumers use the mobile web in conjunction with other media.

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The more people use the mobile internet, the more they love their mobile operator. The research shows that frequent mobile internet users are more satisfied with their mobile operator, compared to those who only occasionally use the internet on their mobile phone.

. . . .and in the UK/US

Recent research which we was conducted directly on the mobile internet, has revealed a new internet audience. More than 50% of Asian and African mobile internet users as well as more than 20% of users in developed markets, such as the UK and US do not use the internet on a PC.

Mobile only internet users in emerging markets

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