Would you give up your mobile for a year?

on Tuesday July 24, 2012 @ 2:14

37% would not give up their mobile for a year, whereas only 16% would not give up sex.

For a spot of summertime fun we carried out a cheeky little survey asking people if they would give up their phone for a year.

Couple sitting on a bench talking on their mobile

Over a third of the respondents we asked wouldn’t, instead opting to give up sex, TV, eating out and drinking! Females appear to be even more hooked on their devices, with nearly half saying they would rather forgo other pleasures than give up their mobile for a year.

It just goes to show the important role devices now play in our daily lives. So much so in fact, that a staggering 93% of respondents feel their life is better because they own a mobile phone.

So why have we become so dependent? Devices have always been a great way for people to organise their social life and connect with friends, but it’s the growing need to be continuously connected to the Internet wherever we go that has seen the mobile device move from being a luxury to a necessity.

Photo: Ed Yourdon

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