Which Advertisers are making the most out of their mobile investment?

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on Friday April 29, 2016 @ 10:13

By Matthew Dodd, MD Global Media Effectiveness, On Device Research

Last month I looked at how important emotion was to building top of mind brand awareness. This month I wanted to share with you the advertiser categories that are making the most from their in-app investments across the broader ad effectiveness funnel.

In order to answer this question we delved into our 120 study (40,000 survey) normative database. The campaigns ran across a plethora of mobile DSPs and publisher platforms with 40% being static, 30% dynamic and 30% using a mixture of advertising formats.

We took the top 5 advertiser categories and created a composite index; this encapsulated the 3 key metrics of top of spontaneous awareness, brand consideration and purchase intent to see what was making the greatest impact across the funnel.

We then looked at the delta differences (i.e. the absolute % difference between the test and control scores) to see which ad categories were seeing the greatest success. As we can clearly see technology brands lead the way, followed by FMCG and Entertainment advertiser categories.

Clearly there are many variables at play, such as length of campaign, formats used, spend, mean frequency, type of media buy (context vs. ad network) etc, and these can all affect performance. However when we dig deeper into these campaigns we can see that the common thread throughout is that these are the brands consistently delivering on our ODR 7 drivers of creative excellence, namely:

COMBINE: Dynamic stimuli aid memory processing & static ads aid repetition

CONSISTENT: Brand Style / Voice: Build on brand heritage / recognition

STRONG Imagery: To arrest visual stimulation & brand learning

BRAND: Iconic Characters + Early/Often Brand Cues: To aid comprehension & memory retention

UPBEAT: Tone: we zone in on positive messages / images

NEW: Products/launches: Build intrigue & excitement

STORYLINE: Effective ads have strong storylines that are clearly connected to the advertised product

These are also the brands that continuously measure and benchmark their advertising performance to stay ahead of the competition and further leverage the unique opportunities mobile can offer.

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