What Mobile Formats Work Best for Millennials?

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on Wednesday August 17, 2016 @ 7:42

By Matthew Dodd, MD Global Media Effectiveness, On Device Research

  • How can mobile advertising help to nudge this all-important but difficult to influence demographic to buy?
  • What mobile format works best in driving the millennial along the consideration funnel?
  • How best to arrest the younger millennial’s attention whilst on their most loved digital gadget, the smartphone?

In order to answer these questions we delved into our 135 study (45,000 survey) normative database. The campaigns ran across a plethora of mobile DSPs and publisher platforms and used a mixture of IAB mobile advertising creative formats. We then looked at the delta differences (i.e. the absolute % difference between the test and control scores) to see which formats were the most successful in driving purchase consideration for millennials.

So what actionable tips can we share to ensure that your brand makes the most of its mobile marketing investment?

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Whilst the older brain (35+) has a difficult time processing too much motion and clutter the younger brain does not, so millennials (u35) prefer a combination of formats; if they had to choose one format over another it would be the highly interactive and immersive expandable. This is due to the fact that the digital savvy millennial is able to process multiple communication strands whereas the older consumer needs a more clearly framed, separated creative, i.e. a video or an interstitial ad to drive purchase intention. This may be thanks to millennials having very good short term memories that allow them to process many more images and concepts simultaneously.

Additionally, as they were born in the digital age they have a higher level of multi-sensory processing capacity - this makes them very amenable to (and almost seek out) multi-sensory communications especially those with an interactive element; this is why a combination of formats, or the expandable in particular, works so well.

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