Visualise how people grocery shop in developing markets

on Tuesday March 19, 2013 @ 9:35

The global financial crisis has brought into sharper focus the long-term shift in economic power towards the developing world. Global consumer product companies are embracing this underlying trend and the mantra of reaching the next one billion customers in emerging markets.

Store2_17th Jan

To help companies turn their ambitions into reality, we've conducted a research project to understand the differences in shopping behaviour around the world.

The research also highlights some of the issues western consumer product companies and grocers should consider, before launching in developing markets.

The study consisted of 5,375 consumers in the UK, US, Brazil, China, India and Nigeria. All questions were asked through a survey taken via the mobile Internet and we used our own panel of respondents.

Key Considerations for developing markets:

  • In developing markets people are more inclined to use public transport or walk, therefore smaller sized products and low cost basket sizes will have more appeal.
  • Local brands and stores should not be underestimated - shopkeepers are the gatekeepers and even the best conceived consumer strategies need their support to succeed.
  • Setting up shop in close proximity to where people live is a critical success factor, as is having access to a local distribution network. 
  • Pictures:

    To give the data a human perspective we also asked respondents to take a picture on their mobile of their main grocery store, the transportation they use to get to the store and their grocery shopping.

    The images provide a stark contrast in lifestyles around the world.





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