Top 10 stories in December: Future of digital, rise of China and best of #mrx in 2013

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on Friday December 20, 2013 @ 10:40

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1. Mobile is the only media time that is growing

Business Insider's excellent "The Future of Digital 2013" report is a must-read. The key slide for us was this one - mobile is where the attention is going and it's happening fast. (Link)

Mobile growing

2. Top 10 market research stories shared on Twitter in 2013

Jeffrey Henning analysed around 20,000 links shared in 2013 by the market research community and the top 10 list is a good one for the holiday period. (Link)

3. 5 lessons from China's top 100 brands

Sir Martin Sorrell's article on top China brands is another must-read. China is the new Texas, everything there is bigger, yet relatively unknown in the West. (Link)

4. Research magazine's most read articles from 2013

From infographics to millenials, to meaningully different brands - the list offers great insight into what market research industry likes to read. (Link)

5. Messenger War - who's winning the race?

Social messengers where the stars in the mobile space in 2013 starting to challenge social networks with their tremendous growth and user engagement. Our 5-country report (145K views) reveals the winners, the losers, and a few surprises. (Link)

6. Research is doomed (Part 759)

Tom Ewing has become one of our favourite #mrx bloggers, and this sweet take-down of a self serving story published in Forbes is a good example of why. "What possible similarity is there between a person in 1972 and today" indeed. (Link)

7. Top ten market research blogs

Speaking of blogs and bloggers - this is the cream of the crop of our industry. (Link)

8. Missed the NewMR Festival? Listen to everything online

We're still working our way through all these great presentations, hours of top quality stuff to educate and inspire you for 2014. (Link</a<)

9. Indonesia - the social media capital of the world

7.5% of all tweets in June came from Indonesia. It's Facebook population is the 4th largest in the world. How is this possible if only 24% of the population is online? (Link)

10. Crash course into China mobile and ecommerce

Hugo Barra's (fresh VP of Xiaomi) presentation on what he's learned in China in 2 months drives home the point that the center of gravity of everything is moving to Asia and to China in particular.

Bonus link!

Market research story told in GIFs

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