The brand multiplier of integrated digital and out-of-home campaigns proven

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on Tuesday October 23, 2018 @ 8:02

On Device Research has today released findings that out-of-home and digital ad exposure work together to drive brand metric uplifts up to seven times higher than out-of-home manages alone.

The digital tipping point has nearly reached the out-of-home market. EMarketer forecasts UK digital out-of-home ad spend to reach £440m in 2018, representing 47% of the total out-of-home market, and paving the way for a further wave of innovation in how the media is planned, targeted and measured.

The confluence of out-of-home and digital has manifested itself in several ways over the last few years. Programmatic automated trading had truncated the sometimes months-long lead time needed to get an out-of-home ad up and running to just a matter of days across digital screens, while brands have taken advantage of dynamic messaging capabilities to tailor creative to external events with a timeliness never associated with outdoor media.

It is telling that as a brand building platform, out-of-home is embraced by new digital brands and traditional, more mature, advertisers alike. Winners of the out-of-home category at Cannes have featured ads for both Twitter and McDonalds over the last two years and it is for this reason that the broad contextual appeal of out-of-home speaks to marketers.

On Device Research can now contribute to the evidence for out-of-home’s effectiveness throughout the branding funnel – both in terms of its standalone impact, and in terms of the multi-platform effect of integrated digital and out-of-home campaigns. An analysis of twelve campaigns has revealed that while out-of-home drives improvements in awareness, consideration and intent, it is the combined synergistic effects of out-of-home and digital which really pays off for brands.

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Combined out-of-home and digital campaigns are twice as effective at driving improvements in top of mind awareness, five times more effective at driving brand consideration and seven times more effective at driving purchase intent uplift.

As Glen Wilson, Managing Director of Posterscope, said in Campaign earlier this year, “Accessibility of mobile location data, greater collaboration with location-based mobile media owners and the ability of OOH planning systems to seamlessly ingest and process this data, will enable more effective activation across both channels.”

Geo-location data not only creates new targeting capabilities for digital and out-of-home, but creates new measurement opportunities too. On Device Research deploys location data to measure out-of-home ad exposure, while passively measuring digital ad exposure to create a rich data set that not only tells advertisers about brand impact, but can also be linked to store footfall uplift.

To learn more about the power of digital and out-of-home measurement and our IAB award winning measurement methodology, get in touch with On Device Research today.

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