Primemobile: real time reporting for OOH ad campaigns

Primesight, in conjunction with On Device Research, has launched Primemobile Live, the first real-time reporting platform for outdoor advertising campaigns.

Primesight, in conjunction with On Device Research, has launched Primemobile Live, the first real-time reporting platform for outdoor advertising campaigns

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The online portal, which is open to Primesight’s customers, will provide instant access to consumer feedback by reporting data on campaign awareness and resultant changes in attitudes and actions as they develop during the campaign period.

Clients can now access performance data on their campaigns at the critical time – whilst the campaign is in display. Clients utilising digital displays can also use this real-time data to establish a recommendation to change the weight of exposure, or to make creative changes which will optimise the display towards the most effective creative treatments, and therefore benefit from improving ROI.

Data can be analysed by audience segment, individual creative treatment and GPS location. The real time reporting builds on data captured from Primesight’s proprietary tool Primemobile, which tracks consumers throughout their day. It provides instant access to consumers’ ‘in the moment’ thoughts, direct from their mobile device via an API feed, to an out-of-home planner’s PC or mobile internet enabled device.

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Mungo Knott Marketing & Insight Director of Primesight commented: “Our focus is to deliver effective results for our clients. We have developed this tool to provide them with faster and therefore, more valuable access to data which will help them understand the key audience metrics that their campaign is generating during the critical campaign display period.”

Alistair Hill, CEO of On Device Research said: “We are incredibly excited to launch this real-time reporting platform with Primesight. We are connecting traditional and screen format outdoor advertising campaigns with market leading research technology, and meeting a growing demand for 24/7 live access to data.”

Claire Prendegast – Account Director, Mindshare/Kinetic:

“The Primemobile portal provided an excellent opportunity for us to track the campaign key performance indicators in real time. An impressive media first that enables access to live data, Primemobile allowed us to understand how many respondents had seen the poster, how they felt about it and what they did as a result of being exposed to the out of home advertising campaign. The tool was invaluable in helping us clearly ascertain the campaign’s success.”

Ross Wilson – Head of Insight, Rapport:

“The Primemobile portal allowed us to have instant access to the research data as it happened. This was particularly valuable in understanding sightings of the campaign and how respondents were feeling towards the brand during the advertising period. An added bonus was the ability to see the analysis split out by creative execution. Having access to portal allowed us to feedback elements of campaign success to the client long before the final presentation.”

Nick Mawditt – Marketing and Insight Director, Talon:

“I really applaud Primesight’s media industry first in sharing the research data capture as it goes live. This is a huge advantage in being able to deliver insight to our clients during the actual campaign period and a real benefit to them monitoring responses throughout the campaign.”

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