Post PC era in the US

on Wednesday May 1, 2013 @ 9:38

The bite mobile is taking out of desktop Internet use keeps getting bigger. eMarketer recently reported on a US research study by the Media Behaviour Institute, who found that mobiles and tablets were drawing down the percentage of Internet users who turn to the computer in a given week: The percentage on desktop slipped by 5 points between the six-month period ending in July 2012 and the six-month period ending in January 2013.

As desktop’s reach falls, mobile’s reach rises. On average, 43.5% of participants accessed the Internet via a mobile phone each week during the period ending in January 2013, an 8-percentage-point increase over the period ending in July 2012. Tablets grew their average weekly reach by 4 percentage points, used by 17% of participants at the end of the study.


Back in November 2012 in partnership with Decision Fuel we conducted a study on behalf of our client InMobi and found in the US, 67% of mobile Internet users said they mostly or only used mobile, as opposed to the desktop, to go online and surf the web. Only one-third stuck with the desktop either half or most of the time.


Experian Marketing Services found that US mobile Internet users spent the greatest percentage of their mobile web time using email, 14 minutes per hour which equals a 23% share of time spent vs only 5% of time spent on desktop. Social networking came in second on mobile, accounting for 15% of time spent. Travel also occupied a greater share of time on the mobile Internet (9%) compared with the desktop (1%).


The amount of time we spend carrying out activities on our mobile phone is only going to increase, as our use and reliance on these devices continues.  

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