Planning For Brand Effectiveness

Planning for Brand Effectiveness: On Device Research reveals the key drivers of campaign impact...

Planning for Brand Effectiveness: On Device Research reveals the key drivers of campaign impact...

In a major new study on the eve of its ten year anniversary, On Device Research has analysed the results of over five hundred and fifty campaigns to reveal the key drivers of brand impact. The use of video formats has been found to be the most significant driver of brand effectiveness, while campaigns running with premium and multi-channel media partners also have a crucial role to play in the customer journey.

While the industry hotly debates the merits of investing in brand building during an economic downturn, media planners and marketers still have to contest with day-to-day decisions on how to strike the right balance between campaign efficiency and effectiveness in their media plans. In terms of the latter, On Device Research can reveal that some media planning drivers matter more than others when it comes to the all important task of shifting the dial on brand metrics. Over five hundred and fifty campaigns have been analysed – their results published in Planning for Brand Effectiveness available for download today.

Video campaigns are 34% more effective at driving brand uplift (a composite measure which takes into account top-of-mind awareness, ad recall, brand consideration and purchase intent) than the average digital campaign. Rich in creative possibility, eye-catching and versatile, video is particularly effective at driving ad recall, brand consideration and purchase intent, and it is little surprise that video ad revenues are forecast by WARC to reach $64bn this year.



Campaigns running with premium publishers - media owners who produce original, trusted high quality content and provide advertisers with brand safe contextual environments – are the second strongest driver of brand impact, particularly when it comes to boosting levels of brand consideration and purchase intent.

Multi-channel campaigns round off the top three drivers – a finding which echoes Peter Field and James Hurman’s recently released work, The Effectiveness Code, which speaks to the power multi-channel creative commitment in driving effectiveness.

On Device Research’s Planning for Brand Effectiveness report reveals a further crucial planning consideration: while media planning factors are essential to shifting the dial on lower funnel metrics such as brand consideration, creative is king throughout the entire funnel – from top-of-mind-awareness to purchase intent. Message clarity, emotional resonance and high levels of creativity are all vital to campaign success, irrespective of media planning decisions.

To find out more about the drivers of brand effectiveness, download a copy of Planning for Brand Effectiveness. Get in touch with On Device Research at, visit our website to find out how we can measure the impact of your campaigns.

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