Out of home campaigns that generate an emotional response are ten times more effective at driving purchase intent than average

OOH campaigns that generate emotion, drive effectiveness.

Newly released data from On Device Research reveals that the top-performing out-of-home ads in terms of generating an emotional response are more effective than the average OOH ad
across a range of brand metrics. In particular, they are ten times more effective at driving purchase intent.

The crisis in creative effectiveness highlighted by the IPA and Peter Field last year added yet more fuel to the debate around the divisive nature of short term vs long term campaign KPI measurement. While the rise in short-termism may have its roots in the digital world, it is now a consideration that marketers must contend with across all channels.

With out-of-home revenue growth set to outstrip the rest of the UK ad market in 2019, understanding how outdoor media can drive long term brand building KPIs becomes an increasingly important conversation as the market continues to redefine itself in the digital era. So, what’s the key to creating more impactful brand ads out of home? Well, generating a bit of emotion certainly helps.

When isolating the impact of the top ten emotion-generating OOH campaigns in On Device Research’s effectiveness database, which uses location-based passive measurement technology, a clear pattern of brand effectiveness emerges. Those campaigns which generate positive emotion are more likely to cut through, drive awareness, prompt brand consideration and crucially are ten times more effective at driving purchase intent.



On Device Research calculates emotional response by using a pre-defined list of eleven advertising reactions and creating an average score across the positive reactions measured. In a channel that has traditionally been noted for its ability to drive awareness and other top-of-funnel brand metrics, the impact of emotional resonance in driving purchase intent is particularly noteworthy. The potential ROI in creativity must be a strong consideration when optimising the impact of different OOH creative executions, and the use of bold fonts, prominent imagery and simple engaging messaging all seem to be commonalities of the top-performing campaigns.

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