Out of home communication drives customer behaviour across path to purchase

on Wednesday April 18, 2012 @ 3:10

Recently we helped Outdoor Media Center to conduct detailed research to better understand 4 stages in the purchase journey. Although all media channels play an important role, outdoor is the most powerful driver of behaviour - especially in the buying phase.

The 4 customer journey stages

  • Absorbing - passively taking in information about products and services
  • Planning - researching the options, educating and informing
  • Obtaining - where to buy, which brand to buy, how much to pay
  • Sharing - reviewing and recommending/not to other people

Television still rules when it comes to where and how people see the ads but exposure to out of home advertisements makes people more likely to act on them. Those seeing out of home ads are more likely to learn about companies they’ve seen advertised.

outdoor ad efectiveness

Other highlights include out of home encounters are strongly linked to mobile search, with 14% of outdoor ad encounters leading to a mobile search. Outdoor encounters were also more likely to provoke positive feelings amongst customers, and they were more likely to recommend the brand vs the average encounter.

Full research findings in the presentation below.

Outdoor Media Centre Customer Journey Research from OutdoorMC

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